My Final Blog Post – Searching for Urban Songlines

January 13, 2014

Thanks for checking on on my blog, Cities of Light. I’m winding it up with this post, not because i don’t believe in it anymore but something like the opposite. Now i feel i have a good idea of what i want to go on doing and my mates at Easy Website Creator have helped me upgrade to a new website (visit them here).

It is called The Play of Light and will focus more consistently on my ‘adventures in ecospirituality,’ with more of that nature-lovin’ stuff we all dig.

So here’s my last post – about a workshop this weekend in Melbourne, where i am appearing as a guest presenter on the idea of songlines being treated creatively in a modern, urban context. It’s called “Searching for Urban Songlines” and the promo for it can be found here.


I’m proud to say the title came from my work and that i’m presenting alongside Yvette Soler, AKA Tigrilla, who is a citizen and Ambassador of Damanhur, an ecologically inspired intentional community in Italy.

I’m doing two gigs on the weekend, as well as helping to shape a round circle discussion about Ecopsychology as Medicine. the first one, on Saturday morning, is called Global Songlines and the Collective Indigenous Soul. It follows the idea, which i first found in the writings of Martin Prechtel, that we all have an Indigenous Soul, whether we are native to this land through generations or newcomers with a deeply felt connection to another place on the other side of the planet. Following him, i started to realise that it’s all about being loyal to place: that the Indigenous Soul seeks out relationships unique to the place it lives in, enters into conversation with the rest of nature and its complex myriad of living beings, and pays respect to the fact that we are part of a wider song of the earth. Tapping into this deeply rich source gives us the opportunity to activate it for our own benefit as well as on behalf of all the other beings we share this incredible, rare planet with. Global Songlines and the Collective Indigenous Soul is designed to help us delve into this realm of meaning so that we come out of it with a new understanding of our own sense of being native to the land, loyal to the earth, and part of this place.

My other main gig, on Sunday, is simply called Urban Songlines. I believe that there’s never been a better time to bring everything together and to sing the song of the land, the song of the body, the song of all the creatures and the song of the city at the same time. But where do we fit in all this, as modern urban folk? That is the perennial question answered by myth: the great story that links the human to the rest of nature and to the powers of the cosmos. I also believe that it is time we enjoyed a new mythic paradigm that responds to the special nature of the places we live, to its indigenous history and its modern realities. What i’ve started calling the Urban Songlines Project responds to this need and calls all willing participants to join in and help co-create a way of being that ties many different levels together. According to the Urban Songlines Project, we will listen to nature within and without, draw beautiful words from the depths and bring them together on behalf of all creatures. We will make links between the things that surround us and their origins, the ways they got here and how this could be done better. We will explore kinship relations between ourselves and the lives – animate and ‘inanimate’ – that we share this planet with. We will share stories that recognise the inevitability of conflict and the fact that everything has its place. We will link all of this together, with feeling and heart and mind and soul and body, exploring the exchange and possible synthesis of mythic paradigms from the west, east and indigenous traditions. We’ll compose new, inclusive songlines that arise from our deep collective journey through this body of land. And then we’ll sing them. And dance.

For more on the Urban Songlines Project, Global Songlines and the Collective Indigenous Soul, and for more adventures in ecospirituality, please visit and follow http://theplayoflight.org/

And may the blog continue!



  1. Best of luck with the next phase Geoff. I’m glad this has been useful for you.

    • Thanks James! You did help inspire me back at the start, with your work on the hero within. Here’s to evolution!

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