Universities Advertising

December 20, 2013

It’s all the rage. Get your degree here, we’ll help you become successful. It would be all too obvious to point out the capitalist scam going on here.

Governments can’t afford to supply you with higher education, so the institutions have to fund themselves, no matter what the cost to quality. And that means… bullshit advertising. We’re great, we’ll make you great.

It makes me sick. University ads are a sign of how low we’ve sunk, and possibly how much further we have to go. Pay to get a job, kids, and be thankful. Critical thinking is out the window, in this scene, and creative response even more outrageous an option.

Get a job. Let us help you. It’s all about front. A pretty face, while we strip the funds. And then throw you to the wolves. Good luck. It’s a jungle out there. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Or arm you. You should be thankful. You have first world problems.


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