Possession (Kundalini Rising)

November 16, 2013

Possession (Kundalini Rising) is a song by the Severins (Anderson, Berry, Bruce, Wilson).


You can hear it on Soundcloud here

And these are my lyrics:

Underneath the cover of the city

Winged Serpents begin to rise

Seeking out a way through the clutter

They alight along our spines.

When all of our movements

Have led us to

The chasm’s edge

What will we choose –

Will we start to fly?

Will we show those serpents the ride of their lives?

And when we need a mirror,

What will we choose?

A thoughtful remembrance?

A solitary muse?

And what will we see,

When eternally

We’re forced to recollect?



  1. Good stuff.
    This poem addresses the appeal.
    City of sin,
    God, I hope it never ends,
    Surrounded by bright lights,
    As I live in these Neon Nights.

    Where everyone knows how to play the game,
    Yet, I’m still stuck trying to to avoid the pain,
    How long in this war can I fight?
    As I live in these Neon Nights.

    I always feel as if I’m about to die,
    Maybe, that’s why I’m always high,
    And these words I write,
    As I live in these Neon Nights.

    But, what makes a man?
    Sex, money; I’ll never understand,
    Perhaps everything I do ain’t right,
    As I live in these Neon Nights. 

    Michael Fernandez

    • Thanks for the poem; reminds me a bit of Rodriguez too!

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