World Peace Day in Hawaii

September 22, 2013

It’s World Peace Day (or at least it still is in my body; i have crossed an international date line so this might seem a touch late!). I landed in Hawaii and my shuttle bus driver – a huge islander man who wished more tourists would talk to him, but notices that many seem wary because of his size – started telling me about why Hawaiians are so peaceful. This gentle giant put it down to the word ‘aloha,’ which doesn’t just mean hello but is more literally translated as ‘breath of life.’ We had a great conversation about how Hawaii is such a popular holiday destination, how the people are so friendly and everyone leaves feeling better than they arrived – but how it is also a military target in times of war, because of its strategic importance as a base in the middle of the Pacific.

Peace God Hut

A few hours later i wander down to the local beach in Kona, Big Island, and touch the sea water to my face, walking ankle deep in the warm, gentle swell of the Pacific Ocean. I perform my little ritual to the earth, facing each direction and placing myself in relationship with the spirits of nature inner, earthly and celestial. Then, walking up the beach, i find the traditional hut i have been facing is a reproduction of the original spirit house, which the local indigenous population had dedicated to their god of peace.

Peace God Sign

For now, i am breathing in the calming air of the Pacific, luxuriating in the warmth of Hawaii after a long winter in Melbourne, dipping my hands in the salt water and praying:

Many named ocean, in which we are a drop, embrace me with the comfort of home, help us to see that we are one, let us not fear depth and that kind of darkness, align my heart with love, my mind with accord, my body with at-homeness, my spirit with my actions, my breath with my soul. Heal us ocean, that we may bring balance to our way, and fairness to all the other creatures and place. Here’s to the light of peace.



  1. beautiful Geoff, i was writing about peace this week too. Loved the ocean prayer

  2. So say we all.

  3. And to you all, aloha.

    • Thanks guys – 3 appreciative comments from such inspiring and like-minded souls as yourselves rates very highly in my books. Perhaps i’ll start to publish some more chants and incantations as they come …

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