Consciousness is Everywhere

September 8, 2013

She’s 3 and she calls me a tiger so I become the tiger and then she pats it on the head and I’m not daddy anymore, she’s looking at the tiger and addressing the tiger and I am the animal, not human consciousness, and I remember that the game is complete and I don’t know what consciousness she represents and how it shifts, only I remember being little and feeling the glow around my head and my heart and right through and around my body and knowing that love was the ultimate and only real reality or answer and not understanding why most people didn’t get this and knowing we moved from one centre of consciousness to another all the time and that I could be the tiger with her even if it means I can’t be daddy for a while coz he’s gone now, melted away into the animal, the one she is patting on the head that was mine until a moment ago but now the game is complete – what are we?

Consciousness is a play of light in a valley, a whispering breeze amongst the trees, a glance of the eye, a pat of the hand, an animal, a plant, a stone, a star.


One comment

  1. Thank you, beautifully captured. I find playing with my son draws me into the most wonderfully present moments where my ‘self’ just melts away.

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