The Dilemma of Filming Beauty by Cathy Fitzgerald

September 5, 2013

A wonderful, thoughtful piece about how art – in this case film – can recast nature beyond anthropocentric practices of consumption.

Eco-Critical Connections

Cathy Fitzgerald, A New Zealand artist living in Ireland since 1996, is a practice-thesis PhD candidate in Visual Culture at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland and a contributor to Ecocritical Connections. Cathy was commissioned to write the following article on the film element of her transdisciplinary eco art doctoral work by Dr. Cat Lupton for the Earthlines review (the network of the Earthlines magazine). Cathy’s current transdisciplinary eco art inquiry* is focused around her involvement with transforming Hollywood, the small forest where she lives in South-East Ireland, from clear-fell conifer plantation to a mixed species continuous cover forest. In this post she talks about the film-making element of her creative practice. For more about Cathy’s work, see www.ecoartfilm.com

The new ‘neighbours’ – tiny Ash trees amongst the conifers in Hollywood (still from The Hollywood Diaries 2008-12 experimental film by Cathy Fitzgerald)

‘As I see…

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