Where to find water

August 26, 2013


I’ve heard people dismiss Australian indigenous myth because its message is sometimes too obvious, tied to mundane physical realities, like where to find water holes at certain place and times of year.

They’ve obviously never been really thirsty in a desert for long. That shit gets real. Then, finding water is the only thing that matters. Which brings a bit of perspective, when you think about it, to what really does matter.

Anyway, rather than point out how incredibly complex and rich Australian indigenous life ways are, I thought I’d just drink some water. Fresh, clear drinking water. When thirsty. Slowly. There is nothing like it.

And then, think about an analogy. What is the equivalent in modern myth – to finding this liquid treasure in a world of synthetic mediators?

Genuine, embodied, spiritual truth. Deep connectivity with the natural, other than human world. Selfless compassion. Generosity. All things worthy of comparison with water in the desert. Drink up.


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