Post modernism – an at best scenario

June 17, 2013

Imagine this: the freedom to be oneself without the limiting constraints of tradition; to choose what speaks most authentically to our selves without concern for where it came from, even while recognising the ultimate importance of where we live and breathe; the choice of what community of souls we want to connect with across the globe, forging genuine kinship links and networks even with those we may never meet in person; the reality of diversity with mutual respect creating a loose but committed unity of human spirit; the re-embodiment of spirituality, which is a logical extension of the ecological evolution of philosophy; a global understanding of human rights, animal rights, and of biodiversity in general, including multiple creative responses to climate change, renewable energy sources, and the renewal of local community …

Bertolt Brecht once asked, if you think this is utopian, i want to know why?

If you have answered yourself this then begin to remove the barriers in your own life. Then share your answers with others – not by preaching but by doing.

[*I always felt post modernism offered so much more than it has delivered. This must be inevitable in any sociocultural shift – consider how famously the dream of the Enlightenment went from offering a world made sane with reason to become the handmaiden of the industrial revolution and its disembodied eye looking over the planet and terraforming it for profit. When i first read about the way any rules of language and consciousness could be called into question, everything but (even?) the most definitive scientific or mathematical fact becoming relative to certain historical circumstances, i immediately felt the liberatory potential. So, we can get over the stultifying weight of the past and move on? Again? Probably not, while the powers that be drive so hard towards further patronage of the fossil fuel, pharmaceutical, electronic (etc) industries of consumption. But, again – worth reflecting on why we can’t seem to dislodge them from the way we live, at a collective level. Coming Soon: how the deep evolutionary laws that underpin modern consciousness are turned upon us …]


One comment

  1. That is an interesting connection you make between the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. I will have to ponder that one for awhile, but there is no doubt that something went seriously askew!

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