We all want to be lords & ladies

June 14, 2013

Have you ever noticed that most people who mention a past life experience or memory believe they were someone important or glamorous? There are not too many reports of those believing they were a muck raking peasant, that’s for sure. And this tendency towards association with royal blood can make things easy for critics of the whole idea of past lives.

But there’s another aspect to it, which I think deserves further reflection. Why not? Or rather, what is so surprising about us identifying – even through the idea of another incarnation – with a feeling of power and prestige?

It seems to me a neat way of giving voice to that part of ourselves that remembers that this is the way we were supposed to feel about life. Filled with exultation at the opportunity to live as conscious, self aware and embodied beings on a beautiful planet in a star studded universe full of wonders. Rich beyond compare, just in our breathing and movement and love and imagination. Powerful and capable of changing the way we think, the way we act, the very nature of our being and even of our world.

We are all lords and ladies, pulled out of this recognition by a society that equates such qualities with hierarchy and capital. But we are that society and we can change it back, away from this limiting fascination with power as domination and riches as toys, and towards our birth right – that other life where we know our inner wealth and almost unlimited potential.


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