Yoga versus Boxercise

May 28, 2013

Sinking deeper into a pose I become aware of the thump through the wall. “Harder, higher,” calls the instructor next door, and I cannot help but smile at the incongruity. I’m allowing my body to breathe deeply and freely, giving it some space before I head into work, so that I can make peace with inner nature and remind myself as often as possible how that feels.

Meanwhile in the adjacent room, a group of equally keen souls punch out their imaginary foes and reach for the stars in a very different way. It reminds me of when Osho* pointed out that in the West we like to seek a ‘peak’ experience, whereas we could be just as well served looking for a ‘valley’ experience.

I could easily be in the room next door, have been, may be again. But for now it feels so rich to sink into the body and give myself time to just be here.

*I’m no big fan, I just thought it was a really good point. Although I suspect he didn’t really have much idea of how cool Maslow could be, as well. “Being state” is more like a taoist zone than a champion’s dais or a shopaholic’s rush.


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