Following the Dream

July 3, 2012

Following the dream, the path; a way to get there from here, so that light can overcome the darkness, wrong be righted, lack replaced by satisfaction, injustice dismissed. The dominant paradigm appropriates this possibility relentlessly, because light draws together so much that is intuitively attractive, to intelligent, social, diurnal primates.

It is primal.

Light is a natural positive attractor until it loses its balance with the darkness that is its relief; the darkness that is a place of rest, where constructions are allowed to dissolve, the passive is a positive, where we let go and the cycle waxes and wanes, expands and dissolves, grows and diminishes, retreats from the vision of excessive glare, allows things to die, lets lack be an occasion for a different kind of growth, for finding discipline within and accommodating the self to circumstances instead of always seeking mastery over it, so that dominance is replaced by partnership.

The moon is important as a symbol of light because it shows balance in cycles, as opposed to the everburning sun, which is not only giving growth and bringing joy to life but, as a symbol of civilization, is always looking over the whole of the land, never ceasing to pry into every corner of our lives, always hungry for more, sending beams of light into every crevasse, illuminating the darkness but never letting it rest, bringing what is hidden to light, exposing it, uncovering it for further use, profiting from that knowledge, never letting it be, always demanding more, until the world is a desert and the light has consumed everything in its path …

Finally, it fades, and its complement in the cyclical patterns of lunar symbology returns to view, allowing part of every month for complete darkness, the flux out of which we came, the sacred feminine womb of the universe, the void on the other side of knowing, positively revalued, the mysterious, which takes life back into itself and transforms it, shedding each month all of its accoutrements, the vehicle of regeneration, which sees the sons of light come and go, arise from within her and grow away, return back again and dissolve, to be renewed by the darkness into a new kind of energy and matter …

Then, a new path, one that returns into itself for this replenishment, not evermoving out towards brave new light until it is blinded without relief, but circling about in the river, resting in the pools and the shadows under the trees branches, seeing great beauty in the night sky, being guided by stellar insight into the self as it evolves and dissolves, embraces and is spurned, goes hungry and cries itself to sleep and knows there is nowhere else to go. The vortex moves as a spiral, out and around and away, back and about and in. We are not here primarily to suffer, pinned to the cross, or to consume; we dance in and out of life.


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