Zen and Earth Spirit have lunch

April 22, 2012

Zen and Earth Spirit were eating lunch together – grilled cheese on toast. Zen said, “This is what we are doing, nothing else. Stop thinking about all the other stuff we will be doing soon, or not at all.” Earth Spirit concurred, then asked “Where does this food come from?” Zen said “This food is what we are eating, right now. It tastes good and we are thankful for it.” Earth Spirit agreed, but still wanted to know where it came from. It said: “Doesn’t Zen want to ask further questions, especially relating to the ethic of earth and being care that went into this food?” Zen replied: “Zen is comfortable with this line of inquiry. Zen is always making decisions, any time at once. It is right to ask this question.”

Earth Spirit looked upon its food, examined the label, interrogated carbon footprints and miles, asked after the way milk cattle were treated, checked that cereals weren’t grown with chemicals or GM, wondered why conventional crops had to conform to linear monocultural farming methods that aligned with this paradigm of enforced overproduction, determined to ensure that bread came from thoughtful farmers, that its purchases did not support dairy farms dedicated to brutal methods of improving yield, diverted shopping money to better choices in terms of its integral care factor.

They continued to eat, ruminating over their discoveries and appreciating their food. There was only one thing happening at any one time, but it happened in lots of different ways, and the outcome mattered. They got up to wash the dishes, satisfied, no longer hungry.


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