Eternal Consciousness and the Cosmic Soup

January 16, 2012

In Zen it is said that we are already awakened and that the real problem is our inability to realise this state. Every thought is like a buddha blooming at the tip of a flower bud.This means enlightenment is always there, waiting for us to join it; a consciousness beyond the human, a great mind indistinguishable from the universe itself. I like this idea and it reminds me of the feeling at the root of my animism – that we are not alone in the universe, that we are one kind of consciousness amongst many, maybe one ultimate one (although this is not important to me one way or the other – the important thing is the feeling that consciousness was already there before i joined it).

But that’s all pretty rosy. Another thing i think of when the idea of a greater awareness comes to mind is the all seeing eye, which has had some pretty negative portrayals over recent decades. First of all you get that ugly big fiery one in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, looking across the lands to see how it can extend its dominion. It’s like the lookout for imperialism, the colonising eye with a military wing behind it and lots of cash and other weapons to make sure it is obeyed. Then there’s the whole surveillance thing, CCTV on every corner, social networking sites selling your information to multinational corporations, governments and gawd knows who else (banks/credit agencies for sure!) tracing your ability to remain a viable part of the market. [666! The number of the one world party beast!]

Joseph Campbell had a pretty positive reading of it too, if i recall his commentary on the US $1 dollar bill correctly. He claimed it was the eye of providence promising justice and a fair go for all, the checks to big government written into the US constitution. No doubt there is something in this, although that would be cold comfort to those who have had to pay for the US imperialism that has also benefited from having a home at the elite tip of the pyramid of power, looking down over the peoples with another kind of aim in mind altogether. Ye olde profit motive, treat ’em like cattle, they feed at the trough and bellow when there’s not enough, fatten ’em up there pardner!

But my tinnitus, most audible in the middle of the night, got me thinking of another angle. Instead of zoning out and trying to ignore it, thinking about another sound or thought that would be preferable until (sho ’nuff!) the ringing is no longer at the forefront of my consciousness, i decided to concentrate my hearing on that high pitched squeal in the backs of my ears. And this made me think of the Buddha again. If real, complete enlightenment/awakening is possible, it must be capable of being manifest. It must be accessible from the physical plane; if Buddha’s final awakening is real, then it is physical. My tinnitus is part of it. Part of this real, which is also perfect and enlightened, beyond my ignorance of this fact. Really listening to the body tells me this is true. At a cellular level, it knows exactly what it is doing and does not question this.

Of course i do question it and i won’t be stopping that real soon. If my rationality can’t come along for the ride then enlightenment is still incomplete. But where this led me – at some hour in the depth of the night, when all good people are asleep in bed (and i was wishing i was) – was to that recognition that any technology sufficiently advanced seems like magic. You turn up in a place where metalwork has not been discovered and your guns make you gods. You land your space ship where jet fuel is still being used and you are aliens. You see your tinnitus as part of enlightenment and you just plain wacky. No – i meant, and you see each thought as part of that primal, indivisible consciousness. It doesn’t need to be a deity thing, or even (as i i said) one single consciousness in and of itself. It is just the thing that exists before everything is individuated into separate things, compartmentalised by conceptualisation, divvied up for consumption. We have to do that stuff, of course; and again, i’m not going to stop doing it. This is all part of the one thing. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be that thing. That was there, before you or me or other stuff was made out of it. The shimmering mass before order; the cosmic soup. The consciousness we wake up to…



  1. Great stuff!

  2. Reblogged this on JUSTICE FOR RAYMOND and commented:
    This writing is interesting in that some people say Raymond was practicing Buddism because he was inquisitive and studied many things, many ideals and practiced patience and loyalty to all. Most who knew Ray remember when he attended a Baptist Church as a child and investigated the Morman religion while in USAF and stationed in Utah; then he joined the Catholic religion when he married a Catholic, not that he was actively a practicing Catholic.
    Ray was inquisitive and investigated many approaches to the same result. Ray was a Christian most of all. God rest his soul, he served his time HELL.

    • I certainly think nobody should be antagonised, or even criticised, for imagining novel ways of believing or exploring their own personal sets of beliefs. All the best to you in your quest.

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