The All-Seeing Eye at the Apex of the Pyramid

April 28, 2011

The All-Seeing eye at the Apex of the Pyramid on the US $1 bill

I’ve been wondering about the all-seeing eye, which sits at the top of the pyramid and can be seen on the US $1 bill (amongst other places). Joseph Campbell interprets it in a very benign fashion, as if the eye is an obviously good thing. But many people find the image disturbing, especially in light of such fantastically imaginative and downright disturbing dystopias as George Orwell’s 1984, with its imagery of Big Brother watching over us (and not with our best interests in mind). In an era of constant surveillance, where conspiracy theories abound about government and corporate plans to keep the populace under control, how do we feel about the all-seeing eye today? Any thoughts, feelings or ideas welcome!

PS the inscriptions translate to: “He (God) approves of our undertakings” [seems to imply also that He watches over us, obviously with the positive idea that this is done with love and care]

and “New Order of the Ages” [which is presumably the inspiration behind the promise of a “New World Order”]

The basics on it can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_Providence



  1. The symbol. TSA Cavity search?

  2. Looking into the depths… Orwell wrote that it is not enough for you to obey Big Brother, you have to love him. That is, he has to have infiltrated your whole soul, to the depths; which i am assuming are somewhere in there waiting to be prodded (for illicit drugs or terrorist arms). I did get full body searched (including, erm, ‘cavity’) at an airport once, while my granny waited to take me home for a nice cup of tea. That’ll teach me for having had long hair at the time!

  3. Fear finds refuge in Paternity and Incest is illegal.

    • So you mean that the lost children of modernity look up to big daddy to look after them &/or paternalistic elite take up the role and maintain powerful fantasies (fear mongering) to support it? No worries. But incest is illegal; i don’t get the controversy there… unless you just mean that the powers that be are metaphorically fucking us over (but that would perpetuate the idea that we are children in need of protection).

      • The symbol. Ponzi(Pyramid) scheme.

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