Rango – what nobody is talking about

April 11, 2011

Saw the film Rango the other night. Whole lotta cute (and some not so cute – that rattlesnake is n-a-s-t-y!) critters in the desert got no water left. Deranged lizard, lost from some city kid’s terrarium, saves day.

Question all the animals ask: where is the water gone? There’ve been droughts before, but not like this.

Answer: over the mountains one day they see the city of Las Vegas, glittering in the desert sun, sprinklers dousing luscious and freshly cut golf greens, everyone living in the lap of luxury. On this count, even America’s notorious homeless population has it good compared to the rest of the landscape, which is being sucked dry for this ostentatious display of garish abundance.

Then the penny drops – this is a film with an ecological awareness and message – and not once is it mentioned in any of the promotional materials! In one sense this is brilliant – no-one likes being bashed over the head with a message and it would probably put people off. On the other hand… do many people leave the cinema and think about the fact that we humans all live in a Las Vegas compared to the rest of the animals? That we suck the land dry, in so many ways, and without thought for where that leaves them?

It’s a great scene. I wish more had been made of it. So i wrote this.



  1. Ah yes, the Lord of the Fries approach. Tastes so good it doesn’t need to draw attention to its purpose.

    • It’s true, good connection!
      For those following this who don’t get the reference, Lord of the Fries here in Melbourne (and possibly elsewhere) serve lentil burgers without advertising the fact, so that people buying them don’t have to also buy into the health/environmental (etc) advantages of being vegetarian themselves. In fact many of their customers (like me) probably didn’t even know they were vego until told. It’s just a tasty burger, sold in high volume locations, with great chips (mmm, those Tasmanian potatoes)…
      I reckon some folk (especially drunk at 3am) would be actively offended at the idea they’d been duped into eating… a lentil burger!

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